Tuesday 10 September 2013

Keiss (7 miles north of Wick)

I left the Bongo at Wick this morning and caught the bus to Lybster.    On the same bus were a group from the Railway Ramblers who also intended to Wick but along a disused railway.  So I walked with  the group for the first half of the day until I stopped to see the Whaligoe Steps.   The steps themselves were impressive but the associated cafe was quite the most expensive and pretentious I have been in on the entire trip.

I reached Wick at 4.30 and decided to press on a bit further as the weather tomorrow is set to be awful.  So drove to Keiss, parked, and got the 16.58 bus (just!) back to wick.   Arrived at Keiss about 8pm, very tired but with only 10 miles left to JOG.

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